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Economic Realities

Over the last few months our country has not been preforming well economically, with downgrades, recession and political instability.  The unemployment rate in our country s officially 27% but in reality it is more lie 33% it is into this reality that we are seeking to make a difference. Most of the operational site for Project Dorcas are currently in the Eastern Cape  where the unemployment rate is very high and many social issues affect the women in our communities. We do our best to make a difference and to give hope in a situation which is often hopeless and yet many of the women and some men keep coming back and are exposed to God’s Word which brings hope, taught skills which gives confidence and given emotional support which encourages them to continue. God’s people are to be His hands and His feet we cannot help everyone but we can assist those who come into our daily lives.  The ladies who give of their time to make a difference at the site are growing themselves as they see God’s hand at work. Our president has encouraged the Baptist Women in South Africa to focus this year on being  “Kingdom Ambassadors” based on 2 Corinthians 5: 20.  This passage encourages us to live and actively to pursue being an example of Christ in our communities where we live and that’s what we are seeking to do through Project Dorcas.

” Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. “2 Cor 5:20 

It’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I have updated what’s been happening in this ministry. Despite my lack of communication with you the Lord continues to work through women in local churches to help each other grow and become financially self sufficient. Unemployment continues to be one of the greatest challenges we face in South Africa and we as Christ followers we need to be willing to step out and assist our fellow believers to reach self-sufficiency. As I work throughout Southern Africa I have the privilege of seeing women share what little they have, be it resources or skills, with one another to help each other to move ahead. These women need your help, won’t you consider giving of yourself by coming to assist these woman and help them grow so that they can help others to grow with the new skills you have taught them. These women not only need skills but they need encouragement to continue to help their fellow Christian

Here is a group that came to encourage the ladies in the King Williams Town area recently.

Here is a group that came to encourage the ladies in the King Williams Town area recently.

sisters. Put together a team and let us organize for you to show God’s love to these ladies working in this ministry.

The need is greater than ever before

This morning I drove out to the village of Kieskammahoek to officially open the new PD site. I was struck again by the number of people that live in villages all over our country with little opportunity to find employment. Project Dorcas with all the partner have made this dream more of a reality by starting something small which these ladies can attend that might led to something bigger and more consistent. These last few days I have a new appreciation for the ladies that run these skills sites as many of them give of themselves to help other grow into Godly women. Keep up the good work ladies you are making a huge difference in peoples lives. If you are interested in assisting with this ministry please be in touch as we can use more volunteers and we are desperately looking for mentors for this program.

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